Thursday, September 4, 2014

…the heart & soul of 3seams.

over the past few years, we at 3seams have had many conversations about…

what is it that makes us 'tick'?
how are we driven?
why are we passionate about what we do?

who are we striving to emulate?

the answer can be elaborated upon, but really… it comes down to one word. one name.


being from a culture where the Christian faith and the church is not always viewed through a clear lens, we are left only… to exhale.  working with people speaking words that we don't understand, we are left only… to exhale.  encountering cultural situations that make us tilt n' scratch our noggins, we are left only… to exhale.

in all of those scenarios, we are confronted with one reality… verbally, we are not understood.  and in those moments of exhale, we are challenged to exhale something of worth...  without words, we must strive to live our lives differently… through our actions, something of worth can be accomplished.

let's ask this question… what was exhaled from Jesus while He walked the earth?  
LOVE. peace. kindness. JOY. compassion. grace. TRUTH.  

now let's ask another question… what are we exhaling?

and another… just what if... we exhaled those same things?
LOVE. peace. kindness. JOY. compassion. grace. TRUTH. 
what if?


our hope & prayer at 3seams is...

to exhale as Jesus did.

"To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps."  - 1 Peter 2:21

inga swope…3seams founder & director